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Facing your first model casting call is both exciting and, let’s be honest, a bit terrifying too. The thought of selling yourself and your skills to a stranger who gets to make decisions about you is tough. But here’s the good news: being prepared will make it easier.

Take a deep breath. You’ve got this!

Model casting calls are much like breathing for a working model. They will be part of your working life for as long you remain in the modeling industry.

If you’d like to step into your first model casting call as prepared as you can possibly be, keep reading for our top modeling audition tips.

What Is a Model Casting Call?

A casting call is also known as a go-see or an audition. Models get to meet agencies or brands to show off their potential. The agency or brand representatives choose those models who they feel best represent their aesthetic. All models have to go through this process, whether they are new to the game, or have years of experience.

How to Prepare for a Casting Call

You’ve gone from asking ‘how do I get into modeling?’, to facing your first casting call. Well done, that is great progress. Here’s what you need to know:

No two casting calls will ever be the same. You may have watched top model casting shows, but it feels quite different when you’re the one auditioning.

Use these tips to prepare as much as you can, but go in with an open mind and be ready to adapt to whatever may be required of you. Being able to adjust to different environments or last-minute changes is a useful quality in a model.

Read Up On Who You Are Auditioning For

Read any information that you are given, or that you can find on the brand or agency that you’ll be interviewing with. If you can find out who the casting director will be, research as much as you can about their personality and experience.

Also, keep in mind what you’ll be casting for. For example, if you’re going to a swimsuit casting, it’s worth shaving your legs and moisturizing.

Going into the audition with as much knowledge as you can find will boost your confidence.

Make-up Tip – Go Natural

Very light makeup is all you need. Concealer, mascara, and lip gloss are just enough. Make sure your hair is clean and simply styled.

Think of yourself as a blank canvas. You want the director to be able to imagine their styling and clothing on you. If you go in heavily styled, it makes it harder for them to do so.

What to Wear

If you haven’t been asked to wear something specific, keep your outfit simple. For girls, a basic fitted tank top and high-waisted skinny jeans, or a little black dress will do. High-heeled pumps that you are comfortable walking in will complete the look.

Guys are good in skinny jeans, a plain fitted t-shirt, and a pair of smart casual shoes.

Punctuality is Important

Always arrive 10-15 minutes early. Punctuality is crucial in the modeling business. Being early shows your professionalism and dependability.

Professional Portfolio

A model’s portfolio is the equivalent of a resume. Even if you’re just starting out, you’ll need to begin putting together a portfolio. Constantly add your best pictures to it.

What Happens at a Model Casting Call?

Each casting will be different but these are some of the things that are usually part of the process.

  1. Fill out a form. You’ll need your age, measurements, your agency, and their contact details.
  2. You may find yourself waiting for a long time. Practice patience and use the time to focus your mind. The actual audition will only last a few minutes, so you want to be ready to give it all you’ve got.
  3. You may be interviewed in a group. Don’t hold back from showing your personality and speaking up. Don’t compare yourself to the other models. Remember that you have something unique to offer and it might be exactly what the casting directors are looking for.
  4. The casting directors will call for you and ask you questions. Be friendly and confident. Don’t worry if it feels overwhelming, it gets easier every time you do it.
  5. If it’s a catwalk casting, you’ll be asked to walk for them.
  6. They might ask you to try on clothes and take snapshots. Start with a straight shot, then move through some poses as the photographer shoots.
  7. After that, you’ll be free to leave. Your agent will be contacted with the result of the audion, which will either be a rejection, a call for a second casting, or success.
  8. Once you’re done, let your agent know how the casting went.

Attitude Is Everything

You don’t have control over the outcome of the castings that you go to, but you do have control over your attitude, and your determination. Here are some things to keep in mind as you pursue your dream of being a model.

  • Rejection is part of the process
  • Portray self-confidence (even if you don’t always feel it)
  • Hard work will always pay off
  • Be polite and treat others with kindness
  • Take direction, be easy to work with
  • Enjoy the journey!

Keep your goal in mind and don’t let any setbacks discourage you from pursuing it. Never stop learning about the industry and what it expects from you. Enjoy the process of personal development that modeling will take you through.

Are You Ready for Model Casting Calls 2021?

If your heart is set on a career in modeling, apply these tips we’ve shared. Armed with knowledge and confidence, you’ll be ready to step into your first model casting call with poise and grace.

If you’d like a partner to get you closer to a career in modeling, EXCEL can help. Our international award-winning curriculum will train you in everything you need to know. If you’re ready to step out onto the catwalk of your modeling career, contact us today!

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