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Becoming a model means knowing your angles and knowing the best poses for you.

Our body language lets us speak without words. The same goes for modeling, where you can convey a message by simply striking a pose. Body language is a silent signal we use to send a message to others – whether we want to or not.

To be a successful model, you should know which poses are right for you. The camera is not always generous, and understanding your angles is important in becoming a successful model.

Experiment with different poses to know your best angles so you can rock your next photoshoot.

Keep reading to find out some of the best modeling poses and try them out for yourself!

Hands-On Your Hips

This is also known as the Wonder Woman pose and for a good reason. This is definitely a power pose, and your confidence will shine through this pose.

Another benefit of this pose is that your waist will appear thinner. Keeping your elbows back during this pose can also give a slimming effect.

Depending on the style of your shoot, you can experiment with how powerful or playful you want this pose to be. If you are meant to convey a gentler disposition, this pose may come on too strong.

Hands-On Your Hips

Leaning Against the Wall

This is a classic pose that is very versatile if done correctly. The wall can act as the background but is also a great prop for striking a pose.

You can get really creative using the wall with full-body poses. You can lean against the wall with your back, kick a leg up on the wall, or put the front of your body against it.

The wall is a great prop and one of the best for beginner models. Don’t be afraid to experiment and use the wall to your advantage.

Leaning Against The Wall

Hands Through Your Hair

As far as model poses go, this can be exquisite with practice. If you want a sensual look, it is best with longer hair.

It is also one of the favorite poses among female models. Your hair is a great prop, and you can use it to spice up your pose. Even with shorter hair, it is possible to nail this look.

You want to make sure that you gather as much of your hair to give it a fuller and thicker appearance – which will photograph well.

Feel free to play around with your angles by looking at the camera, looking away, and closing your eyes during this ultra-feminine pose.

Hands Through Your Hair 

Looking Back Over Shoulder

This pose is one of the more sultry and personal options. It adds depth and intrigue to the shot because the body is facing away from the camera, but the face is deliberately looking into the camera.

Of all modeling poses, this one is great to connect with the camera and serve your more stoic and fierce facial expressions.

The saying goes that the eyes are the windows into the soul and recent studies show that people interpret emotions by looking into someone’s eyes. This pose is a chance for you to communicate some deep emotions.

Looking Back Over Shoulder

Shooting in Motion

Shooting while you are in motion is a fantastic way to get a variety of shots. Not only can you play around with the movements to get different angles, but a skilled photographer can also use any and all of your shots.

This is your time to get as innovative as you want with your movement. There is no wrong move, and you might be surprised at the outcome – even if you are feeling silly or awkward in the poses.

Shooting In Motion

Touching Your Face

Touching your face is a pose in itself. There is so much you can do just using your face and hands. Try raising an eyebrow, putting a hand on your head slightly, or parting your lips.

You can experiment with a range of emotions and give different facial expressions. Move your face in different angles around the camera as it will look different depending on the perspective.

If you want more training on these specific poses, Excel Academy for modeling can help prepare you for the modeling industry.

Touching Your Face

Caught Mid Laugh

Capturing laughter can lead to a fantastic shot. The trick is that it has to be genuine! Think of something funny, and don’t be afraid to get silly with this pose.

The audience will likely be able to tell if your laugh is inauthentic so, work with the photographer to ensure that you are in the right headspace to create an awesome shot of hearty and genuine laughter.

These are some of the most well-received shots.

Caught Mid Laugh

Hands in Your Pockets

This is a great pose if you want to convert some confidence and power. It can also be very cool and casual if done right.

You can put the whole hand in your pockets or just a few fingers. Play around and see what looks best. Try to match the energy of the shoot and give a range of emotions to suit the pose.

Undoubtedly, this pose is great if you want to look effortlessly cool.

Hands In Your Pockets

Using on the Floor

The floor is another super easy prop that you can use to pose on/with.

Laying on the floor is also great as it makes your face look thinner – that’s just gravity doing its job. It also gives you a chance to play around with laying down poses rather than standing up.

You can also sit on the floor to give a variety of looks. The floor is very versatile, and you can even use a floor and wall combo for even more options.

Using On The Floor

A Final Thought on the Best Poses

Modeling can be fun if you are willing to get creative with your poses and your body. It is important to experiment to see the best poses for your body and the best angles for your face. Be sure to try our guide for some of the best poses and get ready to nail your next shoot!

If you are interested in modeling professionally, get in touch with the team at Excel Academy to jump-start your modeling career today!

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