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Acting — it’s not as easy as it looks. Something that makes acting different from other art forms is the fact that anyone can do it. Unlike learning to solo over advanced John Coltrane jazz tunes or playing Chopin’s Sonatas, you don’t need to spend years practicing in order to play Hamlet. All you need to do is memorize the lines.

However, just because everyone can do it, doesn’t mean everyone can do it right. That’s why it’s important to get yourself an experienced acting coach. One of the most experienced acting coaches working in LA today is Tom Logan.

But who exactly is Mr. Logan? This article will walk you through everything you need to know about this famed and acclaimed acting director.

Tom the Actor

Tom Logan knows about acting because, unlike phony acting gurus, he was a working actor himself. He appeared in dozens of memorable TV shows and movies in the eighties and nineties, such as CHiPS, and even did commercials.

He also found a home on the stage, where he performed in over 70 productions. He starred in broadway shows as Mame, Applause, and You’re a Good Man Charlie Brown, as well as many national tours.

He made money in the soaps as well, playing a role in General Hospital for over 13 years. He also had roles in Days of Our Lives and The Young and the Restless.

Tom the Writer

Tom understands that acting is about more than just art and craft; it’s about finding work too. Only two percent of actors earn a living. Tom knew that actors deserved more than that, so he published several books throughout the ’80s, including the fabled How to Act and Eat at the Same Time.

Rather than focusing on the art and craft of acting, this book focused on the business of landing yourself jobs. To this day, his work emphasizes on making sure that young people entering the business come equipped with the tools they need. He was awarded the Golden Halo Award by the Southern California Motion Picture Council for his book’s work to advance the entertainment industry.

His first book is now in its second edition and fifth printing; it features endorsements from actors as successful as Lucille Ball and Charlon Heston. He has published a sequel that focuses on the world of commercials, also in its second edition.

His books are available on kindle.

Tom the Director

But, Tom Logan isn’t just an actor and acting coach! He is an acclaimed director as well. In the early 90’s he got into the world of directing, where he quickly found success. His early career saw him writing, producing, and directing episodes of the national syndicated show Real Stories of the Highway Patrol.

His directing is perhaps just as acclaimed as his writing. For his feature film Escape From Cuba, he received the New Star Discovery Awards’ 1998 BEST DIRECTOR award for “Outstanding Achievement in Direction.” He’s successful in the world of commercials as well, having directed over one hundred.

Tom the Educator

Tom didn’t just want to revel in the glory himself, so he became an educator. His knowledge in the world of theatre and film, as well as the mediums of soap operas and commercials, make his advice extremely valuable. Rather than just teaching students how to act, he teaches them how to book roles as well.

In the ’80s, he served as the head of the TV/Film and Commercial acting department at the prestigious American Film Institute, as well as the head of the American Academy of Dramatic Arts.

Before he was a director, he served as an acting coach for many popular TV shows and networks. He coached Academy Award nominees, football stars, rockstars, and many more.

A little-known fact about the film industry is that sometimes the biggest names aren’t the most talented in a technical sense; they often have a distinct look or personality or essence that makes them great. The world of the film means that they only need to deliver one great performance; because of the camera, they get many tries.

However, if the magic isn’t there for the actors, sometimes a veteran working actor needs to be brought in. A working professional like Tom has done hundreds of commercials, which are changed at a moment’s notice, and Soap Operas, where you often get the scripts the day of shooting. They have no time for artistic pretension or “method acting” and can often give these actors the practical tips they need.

Imagine a famous pop star whose records sound good, but they can’t sing very well live. Now imagine a veteran broadway singer being brought in to teach them some live tips… It’s like that.

Where Is Tom Logan Now?

Now, Tom no longer acts. He instead directs and writes for film and television, and he delivers acting seminars around the world. He’s a proud member of the DIRECTORS GUILD OF AMERICA, and he also provides amazing workshops for Excel Academy, which are open to our students. He also happens to have a huge affinity for airplanes and has gained several certifications for flying.

Get Yourself a Great Acting Coach

Now you know about Tom Logan — one of the best directors and coaches in the industry. Tom is a working professional who won’t just help you become a better actor; he’ll help you actually book jobs. He understands that acting is about striving and doing whatever it takes to succeed.

If you’re looking for an acting coach, EXCEL Academy can’t think of a better one.

For more information, connect with us today.

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